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i dont need a valentine i need 8 million dollars and a fast metabolism

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The image of the dread-locked man (dubbed “da man wit the chips”)  throwing a tear gas canister while wearing an American flag T-shirt and holding a bag of Red Hot Riplets has become the photo of the Ferguson protests. And he wants you to know that he wasn’t throwing it at police. He was throwing it away.

Learn more about the iconic photo here.

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do you ever check how much time there’s left of an episode just to make sure they won’t stop there

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matching icons for u and ur friend

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new rule.  if you’re going to reblog my post and add a comment you will now be charged accordingly

i do not accept the chrages

Letter charge (27): $2.70
Word charge (6):    $6.00
Sentences (1):        $3.00
Typos (1):               $1.50
Tax (7.5%):             $0.99
Total:                    $14.19

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do you ever look at some photos and just go “how the fuck did anyone manage to take that”


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